Afghanistan-In-Print: A Clash of National Interests

What is Afghanistan-In-Print?

This project aims to identify how newspapers from different countries around the world attempt to predict the outcome of the war in Afghanistan. Students assembled from around the globe scoured international news outlets to investigate patterns in reporting, potential sources of commonality and divergence, and the forces that shape them. As part of the Berkeley Global Summer Program, our team includes students from China and the UK, along with UC Berkeley students with family roots in Egypt, Iran, and Vietnam. We consider our diverse perspectives to be an asset for analyzing international news coverage. 

Each member of our team chose print media sources from a specific country/region of the world to ascertain its outlook on the status of the conflict in Afghanistan. Students selected their country of focus largely through personal interest and language ability. After determining the general tone of media in each specific region, we compared notes to formulate a comprehensive analysis. What follows is a broader explanation of our methodology, individual analyses of regional news on Afghanistan, and a comparative conclusion. Thank you for your interest in our project.